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Memorial RedStarMountain Expert Dennis


    DENNIS LA VARENNE has been pass away from us for a year now. We miss the great Australian optical and mechanical expert and RSM friend.
    He is a very strict, professional and friendly elder. He was very interested in RSM's products and did a lot of hands-on testing, making many crucial recommendations for product improvements.
    He placed strict requirements on the dial of the MK2 scope, especially the internal components, which he split the MK2 Scope into parts, each of which was measured. He spent a lot of time and energy, live fire test in a dedicated shooting range.
    MK2 scope mount work is very professional, many customers will mount the process itself is very difficult, Dennis in order to help customers correctly mount MK2, in particular, wrote a user manual, RSM and provide the perfect help.
    Dennis found a lot of professional information for us, the content is very detailed. Including a war, World War II classic optical sight and manual.
    He knows that many people in this world are nostalgic. Many aspire to have a perfect World War II scope replica. He once said to me: Perfection should be the only goal of RedStarMountain,,your product will achieve some people's dreams, bring unlimited happiness.
    Yes, we miss the expert Dennis, we are working hard for his goal, and we will move on. MK3 scope on the road, as Dennis expected.